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About US

We are...

Private owned company with long experience, arising from the former „Đuro Đaković“ company, for engineering services, supervision, planning, designing and consulting, performs activities (services) in production of industrial equipment and constructing of complete buildings and facilities by “turnkey” method for next areas:

  • Chemical, petroleum and petrochemical facilities
  • Facilities for biodiesel, bioethanol and biogas production
  • Facilities in food processing industry; processing fruits and vegetables
  • Equipment for transport and for constructing of transport systems
  • Project design, production and assembly of steel construction
  • Architecture and building
  • Electro-motor valve, administration, measuring and regulation
  • Fire protection and environment protection

We offer and perform

complete or individual services:

  • Project design 
    • drafting professional project documentation for obtaining of permits
    • drafting Idea, Main and Detail projects for:
    • architecture,
    • civil,
    • mechanical engineering,
    • electro-motor valve, measuring, regulation and administration,
    • fire protection and environment protection.
  •  Engineering in construction
    • drafting of tender documentation
    • technical assistance in permitting procedure
    • analysis and selection of sophisticated technologies and transferring technologies
    • analysis, evaluation and control of bids and contracts for the investor
    • supply and production of equipment 
    • assembly actions, commissioning and managing test drive
    • completing certificate documentation and documentation for technical examination
    • contracting and construction of complete structures and projects 
  • Supervision in construction
    • complete design, technical and financial supervision
  • Owners engineering and consulting services,
    • Obtaining permits, studies, etc.
  • Grid code and electrical interconnection     
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